Hampton Roads Valuations, LLC.

  • Single Family & Condominiums (1004/1073)
  • FHA Single Family & Condominiums (FHA 104/1073)
  • Exterior Single Family & Condominiums (2055/1075)
  • Land (Typical Lot)
  • 2070/2075
  • Multi Family (1025)
  • Relocation
  • Manufactured Home (1004C)
  • Final Inspection (1004D)
  • Recertification of Value (1004D)

*Complex properties will be quoted on a case-by-case basis. Complex properties can include (but are not limited to): jumbo, waterfront, non-conforming, atypical and large acreage properties.*

Other Services

  • Retype Appraisal (Conversion)
  • Comparable Rent Schedule & Operating Income Statement
  • Residential Field Review (Additional per extra comp)
  • Desk Review
  • Condominium Addendum A & B
  • Draw Inspection/Construction Status Inspection

*(RUSH APPRAISAL - Additional fee determined at the time of request). All services are subject to outlying area surcharge.*


Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, Hampton, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Isle of Wight, Newport News, York, Poquoson, North-East North Carolina

OUTLYING AREAS (Case-by-case)

James City, Williamsburg, Southampton, Surry, Franklin, Gloucester